About “Rabbit Ears”

Scheduled for release in 2015 by NYQ Books, Rabbit Ears is the first anthology of poetry about television, a medium that has influenced our language, our perceptions of the world, our politics, our economy, our opinions, and our tastes and interests.  The editor is Joel Allegretti.

Rabbit Ears contains 130 poems by 131 poets (one poem is a collaborative effort). Many of the poets wrote new work exclusively for the volume or contributed previously unpublished poems.  A special word of thanks goes to former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins for suggesting the title Rabbit Ears.

An abundance of voices and forms makes up Rabbit Ears.  The book contains narrative poems, persona poems, poems composed of found text, formal poems, prose poems, haiku and senryu, and poems that incorporate non-poetic forms, like the interview and screenplay.  They explore a robust array of subjects: the history and early days of TV, sit-coms, children’s programming, the news, horror and science fiction, detective shows, soap operas and romance, reality TV, and commercials, among others.  The poems are funny, poignant, witty, mysterious and educational.

In short, Rabbit Ears is much like TV itself.


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